A Humbling & Memorible Experience – Thankyou Arisa

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Last Night, I met two customers at the end of our show, I introduced myself to them, as I try to do with most of my customers.This encounter was memorable to say the least, their excitement about discovering The Comedy Union was breathtaking, sincere and humbling all at the same time. One of the ladies seemed so taken aback by her experience, she asked if there was anything she could do to help support us. In a half rea,l half joking request, I quickly responded, just tell others about your experience here..maybe write a yelp review. I had no expectation either way, because most people get busy,life happens, and follow-through gets lost.. I woke up this morning and was pleasantly surprised with an alert from yelp with this review…..


The Yelp Review:

Last night I was invited to a hidden Jewel in West Los Angeles named the Comedy Union owned by Enss Mitchell. My Humble, World renowned Super Incredibly funny Comedian and Friend Arvin Mitchell set the precedence for one of my most majestic memorable nights. This show takes place every Wednesday and it’s called Earthquake & Friends. Earthquake is another world renowned comedian who showcases A list comedians. The lineup of comedians brought out a crescendo of belly bouncing laughs throughout the club. I love to see people Succeed and have Passion for what they do. These comedians took me on a motivational journey which helped me escape the daily monotony of life’s trials and tribulations. At the end, all the comedians pass with flying colors by bringing the joy of smiles and laughter to a much needed society. They were Triumphant. The location was a quaint, warm, intimate and well organized place with friendly hostesses and servers. Roxy was my server who Rocked. Roxy was very personable, charismatic, and on time with the delish eats from Chef Marilynn’s Soul Food Express. We had the mouth watering Catfish, with Mac & Cheese and Cornbread. I shared a table with the loveliest couple Debra Knox and her friend, whom I met that night. In fact, the cost for the show is quite affordable in these tumultuous times. Only $5 with a reservation before 9pm and $10 after. My new friend Debra blessed us with free tickets for me and my friend Kysha Barksdale. The Comedy Union is the place to be when you are feeling UP, Down, Side to Side or for parties, birthdays, girls or boys night out or just even if you roll solo. I want to Thank you Mr. Enss Mitchell for sustaining this well needed venue for all to come to and feel at home. I wish you Many Many more centuries of Success, Great Health and Great Wealth my friend.

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