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To whom it may concern,
On March 2, 2013, Terrilynn Monette, and some friends were out celebrating her recent “Teacher of the Year” nomination at Parlay’s Bar in Lakeview, Louisiana. She is an Elementary school teacher at Woodland Elementary School in New Orleans Louisiana and is also a part of the “Teach NOLA” program. According to sources, Terrilynn told the group she was with that she was going to sleep off the few drinks she had in her vehicle before driving home.  Unfortunately, Terrilynn never made it home that day. The bouncer that was on duty stated that he saw her walk to her vehicle with someone and then the two individuals left in separate vehicles. The bar did not have surveillance cameras but the neighboring bank did and they were able to recover some footage of that time frame. Unfortunately it is still unclear to the public if she was in fact alone in the vehicle and/or if she was the one driving.  Currently, there are still no leads.
Upon filing a missing person’s report with law enforcement her mother, father and sister have traveled down to New Orleans from California to assist in searching for her. On March 6, 2013 there was a vigil held at Woodland Hills Elementary School to pray for the safe return of Terrilynn.
The first search for Terrilynn took place on March 7, 2013 and was organized by a Lezette Montion, a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, the sorority in which Terrilynn is a member. Lezette used her military training to devise a strategy of how to execute the search. Terrilynn’s family, friends, co-workers and other members of the community participated in the search on this day. However, by lunch time the New Orleans Police Department had arrived and asked that they stop their search. It was reported that the police discussed how they did not want any potential evidence found to be contaminated and that they would be conducting their own search on March 9, 2013, a full week after Terrilynn’s disappearance. The lead detective also advised that there would be divers and cadaver dogs present to assist in the search.
On the morning of March 8, 2013, the mounted patrol did a walk through the park and still found no signs of Terrilynn, her vehicle or any of her belongings. Later that evening another prayer vigil was held in her honor at Parlay’s Bar in Lakeview Louisiana. It wasn’t until March 8, 2013 the public was told that her cell phone was not working four hours before she disappeared and that the person that was last seen with her had been interviewed.
On the morning of March 9, 2013, the search for Terrilynn continued and the New Orleans Police Department, her family and the community searched for her, her car, or any possible evidence that could be linked to her disappearance. Law enforcement did not come to the search equipped with divers and cadaver dogs as they previously mentioned. Law enforcement ceased their search by mid afternoon as the members of the community and her family continued. Nothing was found as a result of the search on that day. Nothing has been found as a result of any of the searches that have taken place thus far.
On March 10, 2013 Terrilynn’s story made its way to local news in Southern California, in which is Terrilynn’s home state. That afternoon a prayer vigil was held in her hometown of Long Beach, California at the high school on which graduated from. Many members of the community came out to show support including her family, child hood friends and members of her sorority. All the local news stations came to support the vigil and aired Terrilynn’s story and the vigil on the news that night.
On March 11, 2013 team leaders from the previous community facilitated search lead another search in vehicles through the rural and “ran down” areas of New Orleans. Because of the weather conditions they were unable to search on foot through these areas.
As of today, with the multiple searches through the park near where she was last seen and the many bodies of water surrounding the area she or her car has still not been found. It is now believed more than ever, that she was taken against her will at some point on her way home.
Since her disappearance, members of her sorority, friends, family, co-workers, and even strangers have been working vigorously to spread the word about her disappearance in an attempt to find any leads possible. A Facebook group was started in order to localize updates on her case and the search efforts and numerous tweets and Instagram pictures have been posted. (Terrilynn Monnette/ Prayers to find Terrilynn Monnette)
Fortunately, through continuously contacting various local new stations, her story has appeared in the news not only in Louisiana and California but nationally. There is currently no money available to support a reward for any information leading to find Terrilynn and/or her vehicle. We are looking to put together a benefit to raise award money and for assistance with search efforts.
Here is a most recent interview with her mother and one of her sisters on NBC
Some info about Terrilynn: She is a California native, growing up in Long Beach, CA. Attended Wilson High School in Long Beach, CA. Graduated from Cal State San Bernardinio with a degree in education. She was accepted into the “Teach NOLA” program which places teachers in schools in impoverished communities in New Orleans. Participating in this program was all she could talk about, she was so happy to go and teach there. Terrilynn’s students have all made significant improvement since she has been teaching them.
If there is any way that you could assist in our efforts to find Terrilynn Monette please contact me at the contact information listed below.
Thank you for your time,
Brandy Ervin
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