Beth Payne

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Beth Payne

Beth Payne, a small town Midwestern native, is rapidly becoming known as the talent with many voices. Beth studied at University Of Denver where she was a speech and debate champion. She also went to the University of Saga in Saga Japan.

Beth Payne is no stranger to charity events she has worked with the Smokey Robinson Foundation. Devoted to the betterment of youth, Beth has also worked in the public school system implementing programs for children that focus on building their self-esteem (Washington Middle School, KIPP& LEAD). Additionally, she has been a mentor for children in foster care programs (HERSHE FOUNDATION+ Los Angeles County Foster Care Program). Beth has been the keynote speaker for churches, seminars, battered women shelters, health symposiums, schools and college campuses across the country.

One of the main drives of Beth is to utilize her gifts to bless others. As a child, Beth spent her holidays , and many weekends hanging out with one of her best friends in the world–her “Granny”–where, she says “all of the comedy began.” Beth would watch, listen, and learn how to make a joke out of the most traumatic and stressful situations from her “Grandmother Beth,” whom she was named after.

In 1997 Granny was diagnosed with colon cancer. Beth moved in with her Grandparents and turned their home into a healing center. She gave her mother, aunts, uncle, and the nurses instructions on what they needed to do for her Granny (regardless if they wanted to hear it or not). Granny had to have surgery and they removed a 1/4 of her colon. The doctors were concerned that she would not be able to keep food in her system, because if she couldn’t she’d have to go into a nursing home. Beth was not having it. She turned her family into a healing community and made drinks, meals, and an exercise program for her Granny. They called her Nurse Rachett, but within 6 months of her treatments, Granny’s doctors were amazed at the miraculous healing. Over 10 years later, Granny is still cracking jokes, talking about everybody, and living independently. At the of ripe tender age 88, she is cancer free!

So, it is Beth’s goal to share those blessings with others who may not have her, but can benefit from the education of her life experience. Beth Payne is an actress, comic, and your Healthy Life Style Guru. Beth is here to help you Discover ways to Get Your Life Right to Live Healthy from the Inside Out! She is a writer for the Health Section of as well.

Beth was one of the new faces you grew to love during the first season of BET’s new gospel reality competition of Sunday Best. The backstage correspondent, she provided one-on-one interviews with contestants, capturing their many emotions before and after they hit the stage. Tapped to be “The Behind-The-Scenes Queen,” Beth gave viewers the action report of what takes place before the curtains rise—all while providing encouragement to the Sunday best hopefuls.

Beth Payne is a multilingual [Spanish, French and Japanese], multi-talented actress/comedienne who is no stranger to the world of entertainment. She provides the voices for 6 different characters on the popular PBS #1 animated series, Maya and Miguel; 5 different voices to the highly anticipated Youngins series, and 3 different voices for the The Friday After Next animation series as well. Beth was a cast member of S.O.B., a reality series on BET.

Beth Payne has:

  • Toured with Charlie Murphy in Improv Comedy Clubs Acoss the Country as well as a Scandinavian Comedy Tour, hitting Finland, Denmark,& Sweden.
  • Performed as the headlining comic for the Praise Party the Great Western Forum in Los Angeles.
  • Opened for Michael Bolton in the Turks and Caicos.
  • Worked with the Fly Jock Tom Joyner as on Air Radio Personality, as well as opened for Baby Face on the Fantastic Voyage Cruise.
  • Performed in major comedy houses across the country and has the privilege to grace the stages with Mark Curry, Tommy Davidson, Damon Wayans, David Allen Grier, Rodney Dangerfield, Maz Jabroni, Dane Cook, Kat Williams, Loni Love, Chris Spencer, Chelsea Handler, Jonathan Slocumb, Tiffany Haddish, The View’s Sherry Shepard and the list goes on.
  • Also appeared on episodes of My Wife and Kids, Jamie Foxx Show and Comic View.

A trailblazer, Beth Payne, transcends generations, social, and ethnic barriers. “I am a visionary who projects positive energy to change the way people examine themselves and each other. My dream is to give a sense of hope and create a spirit of strength that will encourage those who need encouragement. I want to show people you can mess up, but you don’t have to repeat the same mistakes. I want to refresh minds, heal wounds, and inspire people to dream…….And follow those Dreams…. Through a Simple Smile.” “Good Character is worth more than any material gain! Think First Then Do the Right Thing!” Beth Payne If youd like to see her work check out

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